In case of emergencies, we endeavour to provide an efficient 24-hour plumbing and emergency building repair service.

As preferred service provider for a number of insurance companies, our services cover an array of different repair, renovate and revamp disciplines. Confident of their skill and workmanship, the team works meticulously to get the job done professionally. Because these jobs are usually done when there are people living in a home or working in a business, the team takes special care to respect the home or business. Workers are not overbearing, but rather pride themselves on being driven, courteous and trustworthy.

Water is such a precious commodity, but water leaks can pop up anywhere in a home. They are usually easy to fix, but the problems can be exacerbated when the leak is hidden in the walls or in the ground. Eager Holdings has a team of skilled plumbers (PIRB registered) who are experienced in the field of Water Leak Detection. They use the latest technology to ensure the problem is not only patched or hidden, but fixed well.

Gas Leak Detection (GLD)

Gas leak detection utilizes a lighter than air, water insoluble, and non-toxic gas like Hydrogen or Helium to discover the leak. Injected into an isolated segment of the plumbing system, the gas will permeate to the surface at the leak opening. We locate the leak by scanning the ground surface above the pipes in question.

Acoustic Leak Detection (ALD)

Water leaks transmit sounds on the pipes and on the ground surface. A range of factors can influence the frequency of these sounds like soil type and compaction, water pressure, surface cover (such as grass, soil, concrete, tiles, etc) or the pipe diameter and composition of the pipe. Acoustic water leak detection has proven very successful in detecting difficult leakage issues.

Infrared Leak Detection (ILD)

Thermal imaging (infrared) technology has made it possible to identify the source of many leakage problems where a difference in heat indicates the source and location of the issue.


  • Geyser replacements / repairs
  • Pipe replacements / repairs
  • Unblocking of drains
  • General plumbing maintenance

Additional services are:

  • Damp proofing (under “other services”)
  • Camera pipe line inspections
  • High pressure drain jetting/ cleaning
  • Pipe relining



Other Main services include

  • Roofing

  • Ceilings

  • Partitioning

  • Painting

  • Tiling

  • Building/plastering

  • Paving

  • Damp proofing (installers and suppliers)

  • Water proofing (installers and suppliers)